Adam Hughes to take on writing and artistic duties in new Betty & Veronica series

B&V Evely    B&V Coover

What if every comic book cover artist also created the artwork inside the cover?  It’s a rare thing.  Cover artists tend to get discovered and begin churning out great cover work for a good rate and find less time for interior work.  Once in a while Alex Ross will take on a labor of love and work the interiors as with the Masks and earlier works like Kingdom Come and Justice.  Same with Frank Cho, as he did with a surprise Savage Wolverine series a few years ago and Mike Mayhew with his The Star Wars series after his cover work became more and more popular.

Adam Hughes is well known for his cover work, especially his DC Comics women renderings.  His Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan mini-series, a rare event featuring his own interiors, was probably the high point of the series.  This summer fans of his artwork and classic Archie Comics characters are in for another rare treat.

B&V Buscema    B&V St Onge

Hughes will be scripting and illustrating interiors for a new Betty & Veronica series.  Best friends and classic rivals Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge will be at each other again, this time over the fate of Riverdale’s hangout, Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe.  Hughes has said he is attempting to make the characters timely and relevant.  It shouldn’t be too hard, as the duo is certainly timeless as seen in the updates–and retro inspired designs–of the characters on the variety of covers.  The standard cover will be by Hughes, featuring the two girls in his distinct style.  Thirteen covers will be supplied by women comic book artists.  And none of them chose the look of the gals from the classic series.

B&V Adam Hughes     B&V Chiang

Cover artists include Mahmud Asrar, Tom Bancroft, Stephanie Buscema, Cliff Chiang, Colleen Coover, Bilquis Evely, Veronica Fish, Francesco Francavilla, Genevieve F.T., Rian Gonzales, Robert Hack & Steve Downer, Erica Henderson, Rebekah Isaacs & Kelly Fitzpatrick, Tula Lotay, Alitha Martinez & Kelly Fitzpatrick, Audrey Mok, Moritat, Ramon K. Perez, Andy Price, Ryan Sook, Jenn St. Onge, Chip Zdarsky, Chrissie Zullo.  A sketch cover variant will also be available.

B&A Asrar     B&V Francavilla

Just try to pick your favorite.  Bilquis Evely’s Malibu beach Strangers in Paradise version?  Colleen Coover’s classic look?  How about Stephanie Buscema’s animated pulp cover?  Or Jenn St. Onge’s updated look?  Check them all out and choose for yourself.

B&V I&F     B&V Lotay

B&V Bancroft     B&V Genevieve FT

B&V Gen FT     B&V Gonzalez B&V Hack     B&V Henderson

B&V Martinez     B&V Mok

B&V Moritat     B&V Perez

B&V Price     B&V Sook

B&V Zdarsky     B&V Zullo

Look for Betty & Veronica Issue #1 at your local comic book store July 20, 2016.

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