Barrens Issue #1 variant cover sells out in a flash

Barrens cosplay cover

Project-Nerd Publishing’s new series Barrens spread like wildfire last weekend at its debut at Kansas City’s Planet Comicon.  The regular first issue of the series is still available at the publisher’s website (and we hope they get it into your local comic book store soon) but the variant cosplay cover featuring series lead character Esme Ford has already sold out.  So order your copy of the regular edition here before it sells out, too.

We previewed Barrens here at last year.  The creative team of writer CW Cooke (Solitary) and Bryan Timmins (The Monster King) knocked the first chapter of the series out of the park.  If you liked the Mad Max series, Steve Niles and Kevin Mellon’s American Muscle, Tank Girl, The Postman, or A Boy and his Dog, you’ll want to get in at the beginning of the series.

Barrens panel

Somewhere in post-apocalyptic America there’s a job needing carried out.  And when you have a job in the Barrens requiring some leverage you hire Esme Ford and her ragtag gang who probably has been working together too long.  Ford has a past she’s not sharing, and when she encounters another gang who is just a bit tougher, will they let her keep going on her mission?  And who hired her anyway?

Timmins’ Moebius-inspired desertscapes and Cooke’s snappy dialogue will leave you wanting more.

Barrens excerpt

Barrens was crowd-funded and released a third cover to Issue #1, created by Andrew Tarusov.  Grab this version, too, if you can find it.

Barrens variant drawn cover

Three issues are expected in the initial series.  Barrens, Issue #2 will be coming soon with additional covers, including a cosplay cover version.

C.J. Bunce

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