Second Firefly-themed Loot Crate features Hero of Canton

Bad Guys pin

Earlier this year here at we reviewed the very first Loot Crate in the exclusive Firefly Cargo Crate theme, available every other month via a partnership with QmX.  The first crate (which can be seen for re-sale on eBay now for as much as $300) featured Kaylee Frye, and for fans of the Serenity’s mechanic, that one will be hard to top.  For everyone else, Loot Crate has set the bar again, this time with this month’s Jayne Cobb-themed box, “Let’s Be Bad Guys.”

Just when you think you’ve seen a great monthly box in the mail, whether it’s from Comic Con Box, Nerd Block, or any other service, it’s that much better when the next one that comes along tops the last.

metal flask

The only thing missing here was Adam Baldwin’s famous Jayne knitted hat (sewn by Mama Cobb), which actually was in the boxes of 20 random winners (plus the grand prize in the “Big Damn Prize” category for three very lucky people, a 1:250 high-end model of everyone’s favorite Firefly-class ship Serenity).  But heck, every fan of Firefly already has Jayne’s hat by now, right?

Check out all the was included in this month’s crate:

Jayne shirt

  • an excellent Jayne Cobb shirt in orange (great when box services seem to be stuck on delivering only black shirts lately)
  • a high quality, usable metal flask with a Jayne design

Firefly crate 2 ad

  • Jayne Cobb “Little Damn Heroes” statue (QmX is at the top of its game with these action figure scale statues)
  • An actual minted, heavy metal coin featuring the Hero of Canton

Jayne medal coin

  • the latest pin in the series for these boxes, featuring this month’s “Let’s Be Bad Guys” logo and Jayne’s rifle “Vera”
  • nicely designed Jaynestown stickers (two as with the first crate, one stuck to the box and one to use)
  • one Q Bits PVC Figure (we got Kaylee, but Shepard was also in some boxes)
  • a shiny Jayne Cobb “wanted” poster, designed for the crate by one of the designers for the show
  • one of the better insert magazines found in these types of boxes

Loot Crate claims to have more than $65 in value in these boxes for the $34.99 plus shipping price tag.  Loot Crate’s Firefly Cargo Crate is one of the only box services so far that really consistently delivers.  This month was no exception.

Big Damn Heroes

Crate #3–“Big Damn Heroes,” featuring Zoe’s statue, ships in two months and you can make sure you don’t miss out by ordering here and get our discount.

C.J. Bunce

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