Animated Justice League Dark is coming soon

Justice League Dark cover art issue 6 Mikel Janin

The last vestiges of The New 52 seem to be fleeting in light of DC Comics’ Rebirth superhero universe reset.  Back in 2011 we at were reading and reviewing every monthly from the New 52 we could get our hands on.  One of the most compelling and creative of those series was Justice League Dark, a further spin-off from the likes of Justice League of America, Justice League Europe, Justice League International, Justice League and JLA.

Justice League Dark was, as the title suggests, a darker band of superpowered characters from the DCU.  Spanish artist Mikel Janin was tasked with re-imagining the look of these characters, and he pulled it off brilliantly.  We interviewed Mikel about the new look here at back in March 2012.  The JLD included Zatanna, Constantine, Deadman, Shade, Madame Xanadu, Swamp Thing, and the Enchantress, and more as they would emerge throughout the series’ short 40 issue run.

Justice League Dark interior art

Guillermo del Toro had been involved for a few years with a live action version of the JLD that never seemed to spring away from the development stage.  Now because of a feature listing on the Blu-ray from Batman: The Killing Joke, an animated version is likely further along than had been previously disclosed by DC.

That information is a listing of a seven minute segment included on the Blu-ray titled “A Sneak Peek at Justice League Dark.”  We won’t know for a few months yet what this series will look like, but if seven minutes of previews are available, we can’t imagine this is very far from release.

Will the animated version adapt the look and feel of Mikel Janin’s unique style?  We hope so.  Batman: The Killing Joke arrives on Blu-ray/DVD on August 2.  Pre-order it here now from to be among the first to see a preview of Justice League Dark.

C.J. Bunce

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