First look–New Suicide Squad figures give movie characters the retro treatment


A new line of Suicide Squad action figures from the Funko ReAction line is coming soon from the toy line that has provided fans of the 1970s Kenner action figures everything from Jaws to Gremlins and Alien, from Big Trouble in Little China to Back to the Future and Terminator, and from The Nightmare Before Christmas to CW’s Arrow.  Check here at for a look back to many of Funko’s variety of licenses.

Unlike Funko’s more popular bobblehead Pop! line of toys, these 3 3/4-inch figures, which have added articulation at elbows and knees to the classic format, can be played with in conjunction with countless other toy lines from the past 40 years.  But mainly this means the many ships and environment toys from the classic Star Wars toys from Kenner.  Want to see Harley Quinn rescue the Joker on the bridge of the Death Star?  Want to see Batman take out Greedo in the Cantina at Mos Eisley?  This new collection of figures can help you make it happen.

suicide-squad-action-figure-batman-underwater-funko-reaction-ben-affleck    suicide-squad-joker-action-figure-reaction-funko

Entertainment Earth has scooped Funko’s own corporate online catalog, posting for sale seven of what may be an even wider collection of characters from the movie.  These are available now for pre-order.  The first release will feature Harley Quinn, The Joker, Katana, Enchantress, Dead Shot, and Killer Croc–plus a Batman figure.  We don’t know yet whether we’ll see Funko release figures for El Diablo, Amanda Waller, Captain Boomerang, Rick Flag, or Slipknot.

Click on any of the individual images above and below to see more detail on these figures and get your pre-order in at Entertainment Earth.

suicide-squad-katana-action-figure-reaction-funko    suicide-squad-killer-croc-action-figure-reaction-funko

The cardbacks are like no other ReAction line action figure packaging, featuring a bomb motif.  And unlike most of ReAction’s series, each card has a custom color.


And although prior ReAction figures have kept to Kenner’s simple designs, where you could often barely recognize facial features and costumes, the latest from ReAction reflects some better quality sculpts.  Just take a close look at Deadshot’s rifle compared to accessories from other series.

suicide-squad-deadshot-action-figure-funko-reaction-will-smith     suicide-squad-enchantress-action-figure-funko-reaction

Because this includes a Batman figure featuring Ben Affleck’s take on Batman as seen in this year’s Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, expect that figure to be pretty popular.  It is so far the only way to get a retro Kenner-style figure for the Batman from the new Zack Snyder movies.

C.J. Bunce

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