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Originally a Hanna Barbera character that became the impetus for the animated superhero TV genre that took off in the 1960s, Space Ghost got his own reboot in the 1990s as a has-been superhero hosting his own late night talk show Space Ghost: Coast to Coast.  Originally airing on Cartoon Network and later Adult Swim, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast was a series with its very own style of humor, featuring the animated superhero interviewing real-world guests via a television monitor to the right of his desk.

Oddly surreal, Space Ghost often spent more time talking about himself than showing any interest in his guests.  His guests often seriously looked as if they had no idea what the series was about, and seemed genuinely irritated–as if they expected to be interviewed on a real entertainment show.  Cringeworthy moment after moment became the hallmark of the series, yet it all worked for fans of oddball animated TV.  If you want to look at human nature in a different way, and see what celebrities have a sense of humor and who can think on their toes, this may be the series for you.


Now you can stream all the episodes here at the Adult Swim website for free.  The Bee Gees, Weird Al Yankovic, Jim Carrey, Alice Cooper, Billy Mumy, Mark Hamill, Lassie, Catherine Bach, Jimmie Walker, Bill Nye, Goldie Hawn, Charlton Heston, Steve Allen, Michael McKean, Tom Arnold, Bob Costas, Conan O’Brien, Tenacious D, Willie Nelson, and William Shatner all appeared in Space Ghost’s interview seat, plus many others.

Arrogant and cocky, sometimes zapping his guests to oblivion, Space Ghost’s style was very similar to David Letterman’s, but even closer to Stephen Colbert, who wouldn’t have his own interview show until years later, and his questions aimed to confuse the interviewee.  All in, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast aired for ten years.  His guests featured a varied list like no other show except possibly The Muppet Show. 


And his crew included Zorak the mantis (also bandleader), the cat-like Brak and Sisto, plus Moltar and Lokar.

Pretty much a series watchable by all ages, if you missed it when it first aired, check it out now!

C.J. Bunce

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