Tabletop game company launches successful campaign for classic Terminator roleplaying game


You still have 12 days to get in on what has become a fully funded Kickstarter campaign for a new tabletop roleplaying game.  Half wargame, half tactics game, The Terminator: The Official Board Game is an asymmetrical strategy game in the making for 2-5 players played across two game boards: one in 1984 and one in 2029.  It’s all based on the original 1984 science fiction classic, James Cameron film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

One player takes control of all of Skynet’s forces, including Hunter Killer machines and Terminator cyborgs.  The rest of the players take the role of the human resistance, like Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, struggling against the impossible odds of the machine uprising.  Each of the two game boards play differently: 2029 focuses on light troop and resource management in a lopsided battle for dominance.  1984 focuses on personal missions with high stakes and intense pacing.  Missions arise through the course of gameplay, and have players make decisions in 1984 that will affect the future, erasing and adding components in real time.  You can download and try your own paper version of the game now, including game boards, game cards, tokens, and rules at this link.  Take a look at a full half hour video of gameplay below.

term-card-a    term-card-b

In well under a month since the Kickstarter began, the crowd-funding campaign was full funded.  A wide variety of game purchase options remain available, as well as great perks for donors.  Check out all the options at the The Terminator: The Official Board Game here.


Although challenges include typical crowd-funding barriers, such as production logistics for the game, shipping, customs, creation of artwork, and licensor approval by StudioCanal, the tabletop game company and coordinators running the campaign say they have the key required support of the licensor.  Running the campaign is Space Goat Productions along with Lynnvander, which has created previous RPGs including Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Board Game.

Some of the best features include promising designs for game cards and tokens.  Check out some gameplay here:

Several stretch goals have already been unlocked–the campaign has already received a whopping $180,000 in pledges.  Expansion offering add-ons are also available, discounted from their expected retail pricing.

The Terminator: The Official Board Game has a winter 2017 estimated completion date, which is subject to change.

C.J. Bunce

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