Wonder Woman 100 project showcases everyone’s favorite superheroine

Happy Mother’s Day!

More than 100 comic book artists came together over the past year to create what is one of the best joint art projects featuring superheroes that has come out of the industry.  And it’s all about the biggest superheroine of all.  Some of the best-known names in the world of comics volunteered an original work of art featuring Wonder Woman, penciled, inked, painted, or otherwise colored on a 75th Anniversary DC Comics Wonder Woman blank comic book cover.  It’s all for a good cause that gives back to, and in effect pays forward comic book creators that came before them.

It’s called the Wonder Woman 100 Project.  All proceeds of the auction of the original artwork will go to the Hero Initiative, an organization that helps out the comic book industry by contributing funds to individuals and their families in the event of medical and financial crises.  Most of the comic creators the fund helps were piecemeal workers in their careers over the past decades or those without any kind of retirement program.


And for those who can’t afford the original artwork, the Hero Initiative is creating a hardcover and softcover edition compiling all the covers that will be for sale in June 2017, with proceeds of those books also going to the Hero Initiative.

You’ll see some of the very best Wonder Woman images you’ll ever find.  Many are from well-known artists, but some of the finest works are showcased by more recent artists entering the industry.

Mike Grell, Jenny Frison, Tim Seeley, Matt Wagner, Jill Thompson, Ryan Sook, Mike Norton, Cliff Chiang, Adam Hughes, Phil Hester, Moritat, George Perez, Sean Phillips, Joe Staton, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jim Sale, John Cassaday, Walt Simonson, and dozens of other artists participated.  Many reflect each artist’s unique style, and others show the artists taking a new twist on the character.

We love the work contributed by Aud Koch (above, top), Paulo Rivera, Doug Wheatley, and Mike Grell (above, in order).  What better way to showcase industry talent than a project like this?

Check out the Hero Initiative website here for more information on the auctions, the organization, and the sales of the books, and to view all the artwork for the project.

C.J. Bunce

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