Retro fix–New book recreates classic Topps Star Wars stickers

On the Big Wheel.  On the bedroom wall.  On the Trapper Keeper.  On the toy box.  On the dresser.  Everywhere your parents didn’t want you to put ’em.  If you were a kid in the 1970s and 1980s and you collected Topps Star Wars trading cards, your sticker collection might look like this today:

Because the stickers that came one per pack ended up going anywhere kids are going to think they should go.  Or you might have kept your stickers intact–maybe you even made a complete collection of the trading cards–but, because of the nature of random inserts, your sticker collection looked like this:

If this describes you, then this new throwback book is just for you.

As a supplement to the series of books chronicling the original Star Wars trilogy trading cards (reviewed previously at here), the stickers are now available in a single volume from Abrams, Topps, and Lucasfilm, Star Wars: Topps Classic Sticker Book.  Reprinting a selection of the original sticker images from these card sets as removable stickers, kids young and old can use them anywhere or place them on one of five double-sided pullout posters included.

You’ll find alphabet letters made from images of The Empire Strikes Back as seen in the original packages but in a slightly smaller format, plus 18 bonus stickers from the 2015 Topps Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens card set, including a page of stickers featuring characters from Episode VII.  The pullouts are five screen-scene backgrounds (approx. 17×22 inches) and on the reverse of each is a vintage poster reproducing puzzle cards from the 1977 Topps card set–these include some of the best marketing images from the film: the crew inside the Falcon, the three stars on the Death Star, and Han and Chewie on the ramp of the Falcon, plus a Sandperson and a denizen of the Mos Eisley Cantina.

Altogether that’s more than 250 stickers.  No doubt this is exactly the kind of book kids of the 1970s and 1980s would have purchased from their Scholastic book orders–and loved.  Grab a copy for you or as a gift for your favorite Star Wars fan here at Amazon.


And don’t forget to check out the above books featuring all the original cards and sticker images.

C.J. Bunce

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