Retro fix–Stranger Things action figures are coming this summer

Stranger Things took the world by storm last year, bringing its mix of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and nostalgia to the small screen.  Stranger Things is not only Netflix’s best show, its second season is the most eagerly awaited series this year.  Now a household name, star Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) signed on for the second season along with Winona Ryder, and fan favorite Sean Astin will star as a new character aptly named Bob Newby.  The other kid stars are back:  Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo), and Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin), sporting Ghostbusters outfits at their grade school on Halloween Day 1984–a great choice for the season opener since we’ll be watching the episode premiere on Halloween day.

And like the many throwback movies the series pulls from, Stranger Things is getting its own line of action figures.  Funko has produced the first line of figures rapidly considering so many shows don’t get tie-in toys at all.  Six figures have been finalized for the first wave from the series.  Fan demand for everyone’s favorite ill-fated friend Barb will no doubt necessitate at least a second wave.

Best of all, there’s something doubly nostalgic about these figures.  They are from Funko’s ReAction line, which itself bridges the classic 1970s and 1980s Kenner style action figures with modern TV series and movies.  It’s easy to imagine the kids in the world of Stranger Things would appreciate seeing themselves as action figures that look like their own Star Wars figures.


The figures include greater articulation than the 1980s toys, plus the likenesses are better than prior ReAction lines.  The only drawback is the six figures of Wave One will be packaged as two sets so we won’t see the standard Funko individual retro-packaged card backs for this line.  Eleven will be packaged with Lucas and Mike, and poor Will and Dustin must share their box with the dreaded but nicely designed Demogorgon (whose sculpt makes it look like it should partner with the classic Star Wars Hammerhead figure).  And check out the accessories–Eleven gets her own Eggo waffles.

Better yet, you can pre-order each package now from Entertainment Earth.  They’re priced right–you can get the entire set of six for just under $40.  Just click on the photos above to find out more and pre-order them at the online superstore’s website now.

Look for Stranger Things season 2 streaming this Halloween on Netflix.

C.J. Bunce

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