SDCC 2017–ABC releases new IMAX trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans

It’s that time of year again–San Diego Comic-Con weekend, when the studios and publishers release teasers, trailers, and try-ons to generate buzz for the next big book, movie, or television show.  One of the first releases today was this new trailer for ABC’s new series, Marvel’s Inhumans.  

We previewed Marvel’s Inhumans earlier here at  This new trailer is better, leaving Anson Mount’s Black Bolt in the background this time and giving us a look at more characters, like Serinda Swan’s Medusa, Ken Leung’s Karnak, and Isabelle Cornish as Crystal.

And yes, we get another look at Lockjaw, the big bulldog Inhuman that has already proved to be a big reason for superhero fans to check out the new series.

Check out this trailer from Comic-Con 2017:

Marvel’s Inhumans is scheduled to premiere in September 2017 on ABC, after the first two episodes are screened in IMAX theaters beginning September 1, 2017 for a projected two week run.  This will be the first time a television series has premiered in IMAX.

C.J. Bunce

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