Preview–The Batman meets The Shadow with an artist showcase of cover variants in new series


The Silent Seven–a mysterious crime organization from the 1920s-30s, from the time of Miss Fury and… The Shadow?  Batman and Robin encounter Professor Pyg and his transforming “Dollotron” masks as the villain crashes a New Year’s Eve party.  This is the Robin named Damian, Bruce Wayne’s son, a 13-year-old raised by assassins.  Batman must forge a relationship with his son as The Shadow appears out of the past and looking for answers.

DC Comics and Dynamite Comics have partnered for a blend of the past and the present as Batman and The Shadow collide in a new crossover series, arriving at comic book shops today with The Shadow/Batman Issue #1.  The Shadow: The World’s Greatest Mystery.  The Batman: The World’s Greatest Detective.  What if they encounter The World’s Greatest Evil?  As they protect New York, and ancient evil surfaces.  Can they work together to save their city?

Writer Steve Orlando (Batman/The Shadow, Justice League of America), artist by Giovanni Timpano (The Shadow, Transformers), and colorist Flavio Dispenza (Eclipse), come together to craft an action-filled noir story and a crossover of worlds and characters forged in comics’ Golden Age.  DC Comics’ key hero and Dynamite’s classic pulp character are an obvious team-up opportunity.


Check out a preview of Batman/The Shadow, Issue #1, below courtesy of the publishers, as well as a look at another giant release of variant covers–a showcase of comic art talent–from Issues #1 through #3:




Cover artists for Issue #1 include Alex Ross, Bill Sienkiewicz, Howard Porter, Giovanni Timpano, Brandon Peterson, Dustin Nguyen (2), Ethan Van Sciver and Jason Wright, David Finch, Tyler Kirkham, Anthony Marques, and Robert Hack.  They are joined in Issues #2 and #3 by artists Philip Tan, Tony Daniel, Artyom Trakhanov, Mike Kaluta, and Johnny Desjardins.

Look for Issue #1 of The Shadow/Batman, Issue #1, at Elite Comics or your local comic book shop today.

C.J. Bunce

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