Hit-Girl takes on an international mission in new series from Image Comics

Her name is Mindy McCready and she is one of superhero comics’ most kickass of action heroines.  You know her as the partner/sidekick from the pages of Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr.’s Kick-Ass comic book series, Mindy’s own ongoing series beginning in 2012, and two movies, Kick-Ass in 2010 and Kick-Ass 2 in 2013.  She’s eleven years old, and they call her Hit-Girl.  Hit-Girl is back in a new solo title beginning this month from Image Comics.

The first issue of the four-issue, limited series Hit-Girl in Colombia is full of the same irreverence the very unusual superheroine is known for.  Always slightly off in her methods, but true to her own superhero code, she’s ready to start blowing up bad guys.  But how far off can a girl be who is a fan of Hello Kitty and Clint Eastwood and John Woo movies?


Millar (who also wrote Kingsman: The Secret Service, Civil War, and Old Man Logan) returns as writer of this new story, and Ricardo Lopez Ortiz will be the series artist, with color work by Sunny Gho.  Hit-Girl goes off to the drug cartels of Colombia after she finds out the new guy she’s tagged as a replacement for the newly retired Dave Lizewski (aka Kick-Ass) is just not cutting it.  So she’s taken on a client who becomes her very own “guy in the chair” (actually a woman), and acquires a most unlikely sidekick to complete her mission.

Look for variant covers by artists Amy Reeder, Kim Jung Gi & Sunny Gho, Rafael Albuquerque, John Romita, Jr. & Dean White, and Rob Doyle.  Hit-Girl will be back after the four-issue series wraps in a follow-up series where she’ll return to Los Angeles.  That series is scheduled to be written by Kevin Smith, who is now recovering from a reported “massive” heart attack that struck him Sunday night.


Both Kingsman and Kick-Ass/Hit-Girl were excluded from the nationally reported transaction between Millar and Netflix, which will include new comic books created by Millar published by an arm of the popular streaming service provider.

Pick up a copy of the fun, action-filled Hit-Girl in Colombia, Issue #1, now from Elite Comics, and add it to your pull list.  The compilation trade edition is available for pre-order from Amazon here, due out this summer.

C.J. Bunce

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