Retro Fix–New Stranger Things story is coming your way this month from Dark Horse


Among the best of the free swag at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con was scoring a copy of the ashcan* issue that previewed this month’s new Stranger Things comic book series from Dark Horse Comics.  The series will be published in four issues, all beginning this month.  This year’s go-to comic book writer Jody Houser is writer on the series, with artwork by Stefano Martino, Keith Champagne, and Lauren Affe.

Not only is this new story retro in every way like the series, Houser takes us back inside the events of Season One, following Will and his journey through the Upside Down.  Don’t worry–the rest of the kids are part of the story, too.

Look for four covers for the first issue, created by Aleksi Briclot, Kyle Lambert, and Rafael Albuquerque, with a variant series for all four issues with nifty retro-Scholastic book order-style, tattered back-pocket paperback-inspired covers, created by Patrick Satterfield.


Now you can download the entire 16-page preview issue from the publisher–free!  Then check out our first look at all the cover artwork for Issues #1, #2, and #3, including covers from artists Greg Ruth, Steve Morris, Matthew Taylor, Grzergorz Domaradzki, and more (including a brilliant M.C. Escher-inspired creation), courtesy of Dark Horse.

The entire preview issue for Stranger Things is available now free in digital format here.  And here is the preview cover and Issue #1-3 cover art:


Issue #1 of Stranger Things arrives in comic book stores September 26, 2018.  Add it now to your pull list at Elite Comics or your own local comic book store.

C.J. Bunce

* What the heck is an ashcan?  Originally an ashcan was a type of comic book publication created to establish trademarks on potential titles and not intended for sale, a true prototype.  But since the 1990s it’s what comic book publishers call a promotional comic made for mass release.

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