Comic book writers and artists featured this weekend at Planet Comicon Kansas City 2019

As expected Saturday at Planet Comicon Kansas City 2019 meant a great turnout for the annual convention, with tens of thousands of fans from the Midwest converging on the Kansas City Convention Center after a day of rain and morning of surprise March snowfall to meet their favorite celebrity and creator guests from years past and today.  Each year the event gets bigger, and for the show’s 20th anniversary that also meant better, with a host of comic book creators whose names any comic book reader of the past 50 years should recognize.

Creator of dozens of characters including Rogue, Mystique, Phoenix, Emma Frost, Legion, Gambit, and Captain Britain, and whose books include a long run on Uncanny X-Men, including the popular story arcs The Dark Phoenix Saga and Days of Future Past, adapted into X-Men: Days of Future Past, multiple X-Men movies, and this summer’s coming film Dark Phoenix, writer Chris Claremont was on-hand signing his books for fans.

Artist Denys Cowan studied under the late comics legend Rich Buckler (a previous Planet Comicon guest) and went on himself to become one of the biggest names in comics, drawing issues of several great series from both DC Comics and Marvel Comics including runs on three of my favorites from the 1980s, Green Arrow, Batman, and The Question.  He was signing books and selling prints of some of his best-known work.

Jim Starlin is a well-known writer/artist and creator of Thanos, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, the Master of Kung Fu, and his classic books include Batman: The Cult, Batman: A Death in the Family, and Cosmic Odyssey. This weekend he signed autographs for a long line of fans.

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez began in comics illustrating books for Charlton Comics and then became one of the longest running names associated with DC Comics, where he drew major issues of Superman, Action Comics, The Brave and the Bold, Detective Comics, and later, the pop culture favorite Atari Force.  He signed comics and had prints of his work on hand for his fans.

Most of us knew him from the single word that graced many of his unique and futuristic comic book covers–Steranko.  Pretty much nobody has been making comics longer.  Here Jim Steranko chats with a fan at his booth in Artists’ Alley.  More recently he’s known for his nostalgic recollections he shares with fans in his many near book-length tweets on Twitter.

You may know Bob McLeod from The New Mutants or several other DC and Marvel projects.  For me I remember his artwork for a long run on the original Star Wars comics from Marvel.  Here he is sketching commissions for convention visitors.

Darren Neely has been attending Planet Comicon for years as a comic book writer and artist.  This year he’s highlighting his Chase Van Bolt tie-in card game, Blast Off!, a game I’ve played several times–my favorite card game since Uno.

And that’s fan-favorite artist Bryan Timmins, who has also become a regular at Planet Comicon.  Among other things Bryan is known for his incredible sea creatures and his artwork for the book Barrens.  He was drawing commissioned sketches for attendees of the show each day.

Jerry McMullen from the Worst Comics Podcast Ever was selling books for the Hero Initiative, a group that has provided more than a million dollars in financial support for comic creators in need.  This weekend the group took in several hundred dollars in sales and donations.

And putting the comic in “comic con” were comic books themselves, with thousands on hand for convention guests to pick through and purchase.

Hundreds of other comics creators, authors, and other artisans were also on-hand this weekend meeting convention attendees.

Planet Comicon Kansas City 2019 wraps up its final day of activities today.

C.J. Bunce

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