Trivial Pursuit gets an upgrade in Stranger Things 1980s edition

Review by C.J. Bunce

If there is a bigger Trivial Pursuit fan I don’t know who it is.  Whether it was the classic 1981 Genus Edition, the 1983 Silver Screen edition, the 1984 Genus II edition, the 1989 1980s edition, the 1992 10th Anniversary Edition, the 1994 Genus III, the 1996 Genus IV, or 1998 Millennium Edition, or the dozens of tie-ins and card deck supplements since, you can pretty much count me in anytime.  But the latest may be the most fun yet.  Adding to the Stranger Things season three Hasbro Gaming tie-ins Dungeons & Dragons, Monopoly, Ouija board, Screen Test, and an Eggo card game is an all-new throwback 1980s version of Trivial Pursuit I thought I was a Trivial Pursuit purist, but the new Stranger Things Back to the ’80s Trivial Pursuit convinced me that the classic game had some problems and they’ve now been fixed.

The questions come from movies, TV, music, people, events, technology, fashion, sports, and more, and that classic orange sports/wild card category is now questions about your knowledge of the Stranger Things universe.  Don’t worry, that last category will be easy to dodge for anyone at the game table not familiar with the series, but new rules and gameplay also make it possible to give anyone a leg up toward an ultimate win.  “Roll again” spaces are gone, meaning there’s more time answering questions and less time rolling multiple times per turn.  You still need six wedges to win, but you no longer need a pie wedge from each category, so the game time is shorter.  If you aren’t a pro in any given category, you’re also no longer hamstringed into riding out a losing game because of the new “walkie talkie a friend” feature.  As with the Who Wants to be a Millionaire gameshow concept, so long as you’re not playing in Upside Down mode, you can enlist a helper, and if you win, share the spoils with a pie wedge for both players.


The Upside Down is an easy, clever board add-on that allows the entire board to be switched from real world mode to the dark Upside Down the series is famous for.  When you’re in the Upside Down you can lose pie wedges by answering incorrectly, and you can’t ask a friend for help.  It fits the Stranger Things story, and it further helps level the playing field among a diverse group of players.

The questions are consistent with past editions of the game, but even the questions from the original 1980s Edition weren’t this much fun.  You’ll either be old enough to squash your opponents from the younger segment of the Stranger Things audience, or you’ll be young enough to learn plenty about 1980s pop culture as you play along.  If you know Steven Spielberg movies, tennis shoe ads (what was the shoe with the coin in the tongue?), RUN-DMC, stirrup pants, Johnny Depp on TV, you can name the Golden Girls, and know what Al Czervik was doing at Bushwood, from video game characters to Melmac and John McEnroe to Madonna, you’ll have a blast with this new edition of Trivial Pursuit.

Fun for trivia fans, fans of the classic game format, and fans of the series, and far less expensive than past editions, Stranger Things Back to the ’80s Trivial Pursuit is now available from Hasbro Gaming.  Get it here at Amazon now for less than $20 (pricing as of the date of publication and subject to change).


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