Rogue Planet–Begin your next military sci-fi adventure in new series

A military sci-fi adventure begins this month in the pages of a new Oni Press comic book series created by Cullen Bunn.  Rogue Planet is the next intergalactic journey of a crew similar to the Colonial Marines of the Alien franchise.  Similarly bloody and also set among a world of strange fantasy world elements, readers will meet a hardened team as they awake from a long-term space sleep, and step right into a horror story.  It’s not just a catchy title–their destination is a rogue planet, a planet not connected to any star or planetary system.

The look, from artists Andy MacDonald and Nick Filardi, is very Alien: Covenant.  The planet’s surface is unwelcoming and uninhabited.  Or so they think.  A beacon called them to this point, and what they find is a graveyard of crashed ships.  Too bad they can’t read the language of the graffiti scrawled in blood everywhere.

Anyone ever learned where the creature from John Carpenter’s The Thing came from?  It must be a place like this.

Check out this preview of the first issue of Rogue Planet:

Look for three covers for the first issue, including a foil variant, with new issues coming each month this summer.  Order this first issue of Rogue Planet from Elite Comics now.  It arrives in stores and online digital sites May 27.

C.J. Bunce

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