Michael Recycle meets Borat the Space Cat in new kids picture book from IDW

Review by C.J. Bunce

This week a cat from outer space joins author Ellie Patterson (formerly known as Ellie Bethel) and artist Alexandra Columbo′s successful kids’ picture book series Michael Recycle IDW Publishing is moving back into more normal production of comics and books, including the publication of the Michael Recycle Meets Borat The Space Cat, the latest 24-page, colorful hardcover book to help kids learn the importance of protecting the environment.  You need only look out the window to see the lack of jet trails in the sky, cleaner looking and smelling air, and flowers flourishing like never before to see the significance of reducing pollution.  Borat the Space Cat has come to Earth–and brought a few friends–to help earthling Michael Recycle spread the message of saving the planet high and far before it’s too late.

Patterson’s rhyming story is clever, humorous, educational, and fun.  Readers will meet interesting friends from away and near like Vikings from Space and Mission-Critical Cows.  Columbo’s artwork is bright and expressive.  The clearly exhausted Borat the Cat at first blush has something in common with Berkeley Breathed’s Bill the Cat.  Kids (and parents) familiar with the series will find Michael Recycle to still be the capable, green-caped crusader from past journeys.

Like the classic personal improvement segment of Little Golden Books of the past, the book includes a page with a checklist for kids to compare with their own ecological efforts and perhaps add some to aspire to follow.

A great kids picture book with an important message couched in good fun, Michael Recycle Meets Borat the Space Cat is available today from Elite Comics or your local comic book shop (call ahead for availability or to order copies for your favorite kids).  You can also find it here at Amazon, but note that your local stores may have it on-hand or available to ship quicker.


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