Mike Mignola returns with his next Frankenstein series


One of the masters of modern horror comics is back with another twist on Frankenstein.  Mike Mignola has created a prequel to his 2015 series Frankenstein: Underground, which found Mary Shelley’s famous monster left abandoned and driven underground to the very center of the Earth.  In Mignola’s new series, Frankenstein: Undone, Frankenstein’s creator lies dead in the Arctic, and his creature must search for a new purpose.  The creature moves north, out of the world of Shelley’s novel, and into the world of Mignola’s Hellboy.

Bridging Shelley’s and Mignola’s stories, the five-issue series explores a 19th century adventure of horrors, written by Mignola and Scott Allie, with artwork by Ben Stenbeck and colorist Brennan Wagner, all familiar creators in the world of Hellboy. 


Initially scheduled to ship earlier this year, this series is another comic delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics, here is a preview from the first two issues of Frankenstein: Undone:

Add Frankenstein: Undone to your pull list at Elite Comics or your local comic store now.  Issues #1 and #2 are now available.  The trade paperback collection is available for pre-order here at Amazon, shipping in December 2020.

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