Strayed–Astral projecting cat tries to save the galaxy in sci-fi graphic novel

It’s one heckuva daydream for your cat.  What if he went off to outer space to save us from a looming threat?  That’s the challenge for the cat named Lou in the sci-fi graphic novel Strayed.  Writer Carlos Giffoni teamed-up with artist Juan Doe in a five-issue mini-series that has now made its way to a collected trade paperback edition.  In the future a military-industrial complex reigns over all humanity and actively destroys distant alien worlds.  The galaxy’s only hope can be found through an unlikely pair: an astral-projecting cat named Lou and his human Kiara.  Can they save us all?

Everything about this book screams out God the Dyslexic Dog, the fantastic 2004 comic book series from Brian and Philip Phillipson, which is one of my favorite series of all time.  That’s mainly due to Juan Doe’s numerous scenes per layout, like this one:

But it’s also because of his crazy, interwoven, cosmic action, like artist Alex Niño’s incredible imagery in God the Dyslexic Dog.  Doe also pulls in some of that Jack Kirby influence–this is an outer space comic grounded in classic comics space fantasy.

Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics, here is a preview of the graphic novel Strayed:

Order the trade paperback edition of the sci-fi graphic novel Strayed now from Elite Comics or grab it here at Amazon.  It’s available now.

C,J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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