Greenland–Trailer raises the question: Is “devastation by comet” on your bingo card?

The sky is falling!

Before 2020 if you were pondering the form of a coming apocalypse, odds are it would look something more like the trailer for Greenland than wearing a mask and staying at home.  Thanks to Hollywood the next big-budget, CGI spectacle that may or may not make it to movie theater screens taps into the disaster genre yet again.  A stuntman-turned writer-director of movies like Angel Has Fallen, Ric Roman Waugh directs Greenland, which will not only have you asking “why that title for this movie?” but why do we keep returning to the disaster movie altogether.  It stars recent go-to disaster thriller guy Gerard Butler, whose secret service agent character has headlined three movies in the “Fallen” series, plus there are a few other favorite actors of genre TV and film involved.  Check out the first trailer for Greenland below.

In what looks a lot like the trailer for the Steven Spielberg/Tom Cruise version of War of the Worlds, the apocalyptic menace is from above, and Butler plays a husband and father who has that special ability you only find in the movies where characters can outrun something like comet fragments pelting the planet.  Will it be better or worse than the dancing twin tornados of Twister?  Surviving a planet freezing disaster as in The Day After Tomorrow?  A crack in the Earth as in San Andreas?  Or an earlier rock from outer space in Armageddon?

Firefly/Gotham’s Morena Baccarin plays the wife of Butler’s character, and Silverado/The Hunt for Red October’s Scott Glenn is his dad.

So why the compelling title, Greenland?  It turns out the only way to escape the fragments of the comet, which scientists say will completely destroy the world, is by escaping to a bunker in Greenland.  It’s not a spoiler, but now you know.

Take a look at this new trailer for Greenland:

If you were going to risk your life to see a movie in the theater, would it be this one?  Probably not, but it might be one to consider when the home streaming or cable edition lands late this or next year.  Greenland is now slated to arrive in movie theaters August 14, 2020.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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