Baby Yoda gets his own featured set of Topps trading cards from The Mandalorian


Such a large bounty for such a small package.

Topps has released the first trading card set in its more than 40-year run of Star Wars trading cards exclusively devoted to a single character.  And who would that be?  Everyone’s favorite Yoda mini-me lookalike, The Child, who the world has branded Baby Yoda.  Unlike many of the Star Wars series Topps has created over the years, this will be easy for everyone to get the complete base set, as it sells in a single box.  The Mandalorian: Journey of the Child Trading Cards follows the adventures of The Child as viewers of the Disney+ TV series (and anyone with the Internet) saw, but now you’ll have the best key framed images from season one.  You can pick up the set now for about $11 here at Amazon. 

A man of your skill should make short work of this.

Plus, there are variant cards for collectors outside the base set, for those wanting to go on the hunt.  These are the cards you are looking for:

Each box has a 32-card set including all 25 base cards.  Plus you get the five illustrated “poster” cards featuring Baby Yoda, and two parallel insert cards that will be from an unnumbered Green set, and a serial-numbered Red (numbered 1-99, 1:19 box ratio), Blue (numbered 1-50, 1:36 box ratio), Orange (numbered 1-10, 1:179 box ratio) or Steel (1/1, 1:1,712 box ratio) card.  So keep your eye out for those rare Orange and Steel cards!  According to our math, that’s 180 different card variants in all (the 5 illustrated cards are included in all five colors, along with the base 25 images).

Check out just a few of these great card images:

Here’s the style of the backs of the cards:

You don’t need to wait for this release–it’s available to ship from Topps, here via Amazon now.  And take a look back at nearly a decade of our coverage of Topps trading cards and the books chronicling the many Star Wars cards series here.

I have spoken.

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