Preview–Bond is back in the Royal Navy in next volume of James Bond Origins


We were fans of the first volume of Dynamite Comics’ new look at James Bond’s backstory in Ian Fleming’s James Bond Origin, Volume 1, previewed here at borg.  This week the second volume of the story is scheduled to arrive in comic shops as a 148-page hardcover, and we have a preview for borg readers below.

It’s World War II.  A Norwegian supply ship carrying gold mysteriously sinks.  A Russian crew claims the Nazis are responsible.  And Royal Navy Lieutenant James Bond suspects foul play.

It’s a bit Raiders of the Lost Ark with a heavy Tom Clancy vibe.  And very loyal to Fleming’s character in the novels.

Jeff Parker and Ibrahim Moustafa are the writers on this part of the series, with artwork by Moustafa, color work contributed by Roman Stevens and Michael Garland, letters by Simon Bowland, and covers by Dan Panosian and several others, all reprinted (including variants) from the series.

The book reprints issues #7-12 of the comic book mini-series.  You can pick up the first volume here at Amazon in case you missed it.  These are perfect summer reads–good escapism with a familiar character in unfamiliar territory.  Fans of the movie Skyfall, as well as the Bond classic British comic strips, and Mike Grell’s James Bond comic should like this story.

Here is a preview of Ian Fleming’s James Bond Origin Volume 2, courtesy of Dynamite Comics:

Order Ian Fleming’s James Bond Origin Volume 2 now at Elite Comics, or your own local comic shop.  It’s scheduled to arrive in stores July 1, 2020.  Or order it here at Amazon, where it’s scheduled to ship July 14.

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