History’s Vikings–A graphic novel while you’re waiting for the TV series’ return

As we look back on ten years of the best content we’ve covered at borg, it will be difficult to imagine the History channel’s Vikings not making our list of top television series for its faithful portrayal of historical and lore elements and its exciting drama.  Vikings season 6 has wrapped up the 10-episode first half of its season and as the wait continues for the second half of its final season, Titan Comics has two graphic novels to keep fans’ thirst for more quenched.  The first we’ll cover and preview today is Vikings: GodheadIf you like the characters developed in the show, or haven’t caught the series yet but are called to the Norse stories of axes, swords, and shields, this book is for you.

Betrayal is the theme in Vikings: Godhead, which takes readers back early in the series, featuring Ragnar, Lagertha, Rollo, Floki, Athelstan, Queen Aslaug, and Siggy.  The story is told via different vantages over the four sections of the book as Ragnar, Lagertha, Floki, and Rollo are off raiding England.  Ragnar’s sons, who now struggle to maintain leadership positions among the northern nations in season six, are but kids in this time: Bjorn and Ivar have no thoughts of their future.  As Ragnar’s newfound relationships away are not all they seem to be, and back home Queen Aslaug and Siggy have their own problems to resolve.

Writer Cavan Scott is completely inside the heads of these characters, just as they are portrayed in the series.  Ragnar is over-confident, Lagertha knows which buttons of Ragnar to push while always remaining loyal, Rollo pushes the bounds of reason for his people, and Floki is as angry and set in his ways as ever.

The second half of the story shifts to the perspective of Lagertha, as the raiders are coincidentally–or not–ambushed.  Back in Kattegat, it is baby Ivar who could see a threat against him much like what he will inflict upon his own son one day.  How will Aslaug fare while Ragnar is away?

Courtesy of Titan Comics, here is a look inside the book:

Originally published as single issues, this collection includes a few of the covers by artists Shane Pierce, Staz Johnson, Mirka Andolfo, and Peter Snejbjerg as well as the photo covers featuring the stars of the TV series.  This volume includes interviews with TV series creator Michael Hirst, where he provides insights into the characters, and in particular the nature of the fictional character he created for the series, Floki.  Full of additional photos of the cast and costumes and weaponry, the book will be a great find for fans of the show.

We have no release date yet for the remainder of season six, but it is expected by year end.  Order Vikings: Godhead now from Elite Comics, your own local comic shop, or here at Amazon. And keep coming back and we’ll preview Titan Comics’ other graphic novel tie-in for the series, Vikings: Uprising.

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