David Petersen’s Mouse Guard characters arrive as collectable LEGO-compatible mini-figs

Mouse Guard is the New York Times bestselling series of graphic novels in a classic square children’s hardcover book format by author-illustrator David Petersen.  Petersen has stacked up awards for his series like no other comics creator, including for Mouse Guard: Black Axe, the Harvey Award in 2014, for Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Volume 1, the Eisner Award in 2011, for Mouse Guard: Fall: 1152, two Eisner Awards in 2008, for Mouse Guard: Winter: 1152, the Eisner Award in 2008, and for Mouse Guard: The Role Playing Game, the Origins Award in 2009, among others.  A movie with Fox was in pre-production before the Disney-Fox merger cancelled it.  Now fans of the internationally popular series can purchase fully customized miniature figures from Crazy Bricks featuring Petersen’s fantastical characters.

In 2015 Crazy Bricks began to manufacture licensed LEGO mini-fig-compatible mouse heads and specialty Mouse Guard accessories.  The original seven characters offered were Kenzie, Sadie, Saxon, Conrad, Lieam, Celanawe, and the Matriarch Gwendolyn.  Originally launched as a Kickstarter campaign, now Crazy Bricks has added the Bricks of the Mouse Guard 2 collection, with Midnight, Members of his Army, Disguised Lieam, Bastian, Delvin, and Calla’s Ghost.  The heads are injection molded ABS plastic color matched to LEGO bodies and then paired with custom accessories and cloaks so you can build in brick your favorite scenes from the Mouse Guard books, your own RPG sessions, or just from your imagination.

These are high-end mini-figs in big demand, so act quickly before they all sell out.  They are available at the Crazy Bricks online store here.

We at borg highly recommend each entry in the Mouse Guard series.  In case you missed any, check out more about them below:

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and his roleplaying game Mouse Guard: Swords & Strongholds here, all available now at Amazon.  Follow David Petersen and check out his online shop at his website here.  If you really want to learn even more about Petersen (and see him during my many convention visits), check out my decade of coverage of his work here at borg.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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