Vikings: Uprising continues the TV tie-in story with even more battles and bloodshed

Last week we discussed here at borg Titan Comics’ first volume of stories spinning out of History’s Vikings series.  Vikings finished the 10-episode first half of its sixth season and the second half of its final season is expected late this year.  The next graphic novel tie-in fans of the show should check out is Vikings: UprisingThis second book in the series features even more deception, strategy, and bloodshed than in the first.  You’ll want to soak up these characters while you can.  A rumored TV spin-off is expected to come to Netflix in the future, but that show will be a 24-episode series called Vikings: Valhalla, set a century after the original series.  So the characters won’t be the same, but it will look similar as it will be filmed in the same location.  Its focus is adventures of Leif Erikson, Freydis, Harald Hardrada, and the Norman king William the Conqueror.

In the graphic novel Vikings: Uprising, Ragnar returns from battle to Queen Aslaug.  A mob threatens Kattigat, and Lagertha tells Ragnar he must take swift action.  Ragnar’s son and heir Bjorn rises as a wise advisor to his father.  But all will be determined by a battle to the death between Ragnar and a dangerous outsider.

Writer Cavan Scott (Doctor Who, Torchwood) returns with a different angle on Ragnar’s struggles.  Indonesian artist Daniel Indro (Doctor Who, Warhammer) teamed up with colorist Kevin Enhart (Anno Dracula, Warhammer).

Courtesy of Titan Comics, here is a look inside the book:

Originally published as single issues, this collection includes covers by artists Claudia Caranfa, Josh Burns, Verity Glass, Mark Hammermeister, Chris Wahl, John McCrea, and Simon Myers.  It’s also filled with photographs of the actors and costumes from the series, character sketches by Daniel Indro, and discussions of adapting history and legend to the comics by Cavan Scott.

We have no release date yet for the remainder of season six, but it is expected by year end.  Order Vikings: Uprising now from Elite Comics, your own local comic shop, or here at Amazon.

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