The Orville at San Diego Comic-Con@Home

Was it really only two years ago that we were meeting the cast and crew of The Orville at their first appearance at San Diego Comic-Con?  Take a look back here at borg if you missed it (director/executive producer Jon Cassar and producer/editor Tom Costantino gave us some cool swag and let us take photos with props from the series and we chatted with the cast wearing our custom-made The Orville uniforms).  This year you won’t want to miss a few features for The Orville at SDCC 2020/Comic-Con@Home, including the reveal of new The Orville Starship Collection of miniature ships from Eaglemoss and some great behind-the-scenes images.

First off, you can preview–and pre-order–the first products in The Orville Starship Collection at Eaglemoss’s “virtual booth” here at the Comic-Con website.  The first two ships are similar in scale to the previously released designs Star Trek fans will be familiar with: ECV-197 The Orville itself and its shuttle ECV-197-1.  Coming in at about twice that size (a little more than 10.2 inches in length) is a deluxe version of The Orville.  Each features hand-painted details and that trademark swayback look of the Union fleet, and is accompanied by the requisite Eaglemoss full-color magazine that includes information about the ship, concept art, and behind the scenes photos from the show.

Next, make sure you follow show executive producer/director Jon Cassar here on Twitter.  This week for fans he is pulling photographs from his personal collection and sharing them.  Ship detail, fun shots of the cast and crew, you name it, you’ll find some fun photos there.  Here are a few:

A great pic of Halston Sage as Alara at home, behind the scenes of The Orville, from the collection of executive producer/director Jon Cassar.
A display of screen-used costumes at last year’s Comic-Con, photo from the collection of Jon Cassar.
Jon Cassar and friends on the set of The Orville, photo from the Jon Cassar collection.

Look for Season 3 of The Orville, moving from Fox to Hulu, originally slated for late 2020, but likely to get pushed to 2021 because of production delays caused by the pandemic.  More new show content will also mean it will be time for a sequel edition to the great behind the scenes book, The World of The Orville (reviewed here), since there will be much more costumes, props, and sets to gawk at.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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