Comic-Con@Home–More footage from The New Mutants, a new trailer, Bill Sienkiewicz, and yet another opening date

The most eagerly awaited movie in years received some nice treatment this week as part of San Diego Comic-Con@Home.  We’ve previewed and re-previewed new trailers for The New Mutants probably more than any other movie in our past decade of coverage here at borg (just type The New Mutants in the search box to the right and you’ll see it all).  The new and improved, post-merger 20th Century Studios even nicely mocks the delayed release dates in its Comic-Con@Home panel footage below, which features the director, cast members, and the legendary comic artist most closely aligned with The New Mutants by way of his 1980s artwork, Bill Sienkiewicz.  It also previews the entire opening scene and a trailer with new content from the film.  All in all, some good stuff for a very patient fanbase for a film made in the summer of 2017.

Being part of the Disney umbrella, Disney announced this week it is holding back its most lucrative completed films, but a few are supposedly getting released in theaters even amid a pandemic, which seems to telegraph to movie fans it doesn’t have much confidence in its projected box office returns.  Marvel, X-Men, and superhero genre fans certainly don’t care–once The New Mutants is out in theaters that will mean a digital release shortly after, which will be how most of us catch the film.  No doubt you can expect some snarky reviewer has already typed out his review, “We waited this long for that?”  But every new preview for the film looks better than the last, like a mix of A Nightmare on Elm Street and the 21-film Marvel X-Men film series.  Definitely a horror vibe, with some clearly exciting special effects depicting new superhero powers.

As of now The New Mutants has a launch date of August 28, 2020, which seems unlikely when even school districts are delaying starts at least until Labor Day and beyond.

Until then–whenever we ultimately get to watch the movie–check out this Comic-Con@Home panel, with writer/director Josh Boone, actors Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Alice Braga, Blu Hunt, Henry Zaga, artist Bill Sienkiewicz with a great new poster for the film (above), the opening scene from the film, a new trailer, and even some fan art:

Filmed three years ago this month, the 2017 film The New Mutants will arrive in some form, somehow, someday.  Hopefully.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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