Exclusive preview–The Philosophy of Spider-Man is swinging your way

Titan Comics is running a 12 Days of Spider-Man event and for the ninth day today we’re revealing an exclusive look inside the new book The Philosophy of Spider-ManSimilar in concept to The Wisdom of Picard (featured here earlier this week), The Philosophy of Spider-Man takes a look back at those Peter Parker phrases and ideas that define one of the biggest superheroes in comics today.

Swing into the marvelous mayhem of Spider-Man’s thoughts, wise-cracks, and web-fueled wisdom!  A lavish collection of everything that makes Spidey tick.  Is your spider-sense tingling?  This wonderful little book reveals all the quirks and quick-wittedness that the scarlet spider revels in and dispels it for your pleasure!  How funny is Peter Parker really?  How does he cope with J. Jonah Jameson’s incessant barking?  Is an upside-down kiss as easy as it looks? All this and more as the mind of the most popular superhero of recent history is unwebbed!  With great power comes a great number of jokes, jibes and jovial wordplay as you delve into some of Spider-Man’s most comedic comic book moments, laudable cover art, and pure Spidey-(non)sense.
Here’s an exclusive page from The Philosophy of Spider-Man for borg readers, and a 16-page preview:

The Philosophy of Spider-Man arrives in bookstores and online retailers January 12, 2021.  Add it to your comic shop pull list now.  And follow @comicstitan and #12Days of SpiderMan for more of Titan’s 12 Days of Spider-Man.

And don’t forget, also from Titan, Spider-Man Miles Morales: Wings of Fury is available now, and you can pre-order Spider-Man Miles Morales: The Art of the Game now here at Amazon.


C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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