Paramount unveils first trailer for second season of Star Trek: Picard


When we last saw Patrick Stewart′s good Captain Jean-Luc Picard, he seemingly died and came back to life as something new.  In the first season of CBS All Access’s latest live-action Star Trek incarnation, Star Trek: Picard, audiences met a primarily new crew of characters supporting the efforts of Picard–and a range of good villains.  Stewart has said he decided to bring his character back to the screen because of the role he performed for even more years than Picard–Charles Xavier in the X-Men series–specifically the strong finish he was able to give the character in James Mangold’s Oscar-nominated finale Logan.  Stewart succeeded, as Star Trek: Picard showcased the beloved character as Old Man Picard and wrapped far better fans’ last meeting with not only Picard, but Data, Riker, and Troi, too.  And surprisingly it did that for Star Trek Voyager, specifically for Jeri Ryan′s Seven of Nine, who also had a rather anticlimactic finale in the last episode of that series.

Now audiences have a first look at Season 2, and an official poster with hints at a voyage back to an era closer to our own time as seen in Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek IV–and echoes of the first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Check it out below.


Look for the return of Irish Romulan ex-Tal Shiar agent Laris, played by Orla Brady (The Foreigner, Doctor Who, Fringe), Isa Briones (American Crime Story), back as last season’s latest new lifeform, Santiago Cabrera (Heroes, Merlin) as Cristóbal Rios, a captain of the vessel La Sirena, and a motley myriad of holograms that make up his crew…

… and John de Lancie back as Q.  Here is the first teaser trailer:

Catch up on all ten episodes of Star Trek: Picard, streaming exclusively on Paramount+ and here via Amazon Prime.  Season 2 doesn’t arrive until 2022.

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