Discovery’s Shark Week returns–Narragansett says “Crush it Like Quint” with collectible cans, contest, and more

Narragansett 2021 box

Discovery′s annual Shark Week programming is back beginning this Sunday.  From July 11 to July 18 look for your annual fix of shark-centered features.  Shark Week is television’s longest running summer TV event.  That means Narragansett is back with new summer promotions, cans, and tie-ins incorporating artist Roger Kastel′s famous movie poster for Steven Spielberg’s Jaws.  Not only is Narragansett one of America’s oldest beer companies (they turned 21 in 1911), Jaws made its beer famous again in 1975 when Robert Shaw′s character Quint downs a can and crunches it to look tough in front of Richard Dreyfuss′s character Hooper.  Hooper created the funniest moment of the film, who dueled Quint in his own way by crushing his Styrofoam cup.

Shark Week 2021 schedule

Look for the above schedule of shark shows on Discovery and stream more via Discovery+ throughout the week.  Check out your local listings here at Discovery for air times.

Quint 1 Quint 2

Don’t miss Narragansett′s online shop with some great products featuring the blockbuster Jaws and the Quint can, including a squeezable foam stress can, a skateboard deck, stickers, pins, logo shirts, hats, hoodies, sunglasses, beach towels, posters, even skis–featuring the image of the beer can design from 1975, Kastel’s licensed shark image from the poster, and the 1975 Narragansett logo–as it appeared in Jaws The lager beer itself is available in ‘Gansett markets featuring the retro cans, and you can even buy just the summer 2021 retro box.  See the entire 1975 retro collection of tie-ins here at the Narragansett online store.  And check out the Narragansett website here for a contest for Jaws tie-in products (ending soon) and more, announced via the company’s Twitter account: @Gansettbeer.

In addition to the 1975 retro cans, Narragansett has released for this summer a new red, white, and blue star-spangled design with brand “Hi-Neighbor!” motto also for its lager beer.  Did you know Dr. Seuss designed some early marketing for the beer company?  It included this little fellow whose style should be familiar to fans of his children’s books:

drseusstray4 summer cans

Look for Discovery′s annual Shark Week starts at 7 p.m. Central/8 p.m. Eastern beginning this Sunday on the Discovery channel.

Narragansett 2021 ad

And keep an eye out for the collectible retro 1975 and summer red, white, and blue cans of Narragansett wherever ‘Gansett beer is sold.

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