Star Trek: A Celebration–Star Trek Day is approaching, celebrate 55 years with new chronicle, now available for pre-order

Star Trek A Celebration cover

With a new Star Trek Day event coming next month, Star Trek fans across the globe will be celebrating 55 years of the Star Trek franchise, coinciding with the centennial of the birth of its creator, Gene Roddenberry.  The 55th anniversary of the launch of the series is worthy of the celebration, and authors Ben Robinson and Ian Spelling have created the latest definitive, behind the scenes account of the 1966-1969 series in their new full-color, hardcover, coffee table-style book, Star Trek: A Celebration, available for pre-order now here at Amazon.


On September 8, 2021, at 7:30 p.m. Central, get ready for Star Trek Day (not to be confused with First Contact Day–April 5, or Picard Day–June 16, or Alien Day–April 26, or Star Wars Day–May 4).  Star Trek Day 2021 will be all virtual– a better deal than, say Star Wars Celebration and D23, since everyone can join in for a virtual event.  Look for 13 streamed panels, including several retrospective panels, as well as panels featuring stars of all five in-production Star Trek series: Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks, Prodigy, and Strange New Worlds, to feature Anson Mount’s Captain Pike and the early Enterprise crew.  Check out streaming platform Paramount Plus for more information, which says fans worldwide will be able to live-stream the Star Trek Day celebration panels for free at

First check out this big, 14-page look inside Star Trek: A Celebration:

Star Trek A Celebration aStar Trek A Celebration bStar Trek A Celebration cStar Trek A Celebration dStar Trek A Celebration eStar Trek A Celebration f

Countless books have been written about the series, but this one promises new interviews with cast and crew, artwork you’ve never seen before, as well as archival conversations and photographs from the series, in front of and behind the camera.

Expect the ultimate celebration for Star Trek fans, as the first book in Hero Collector’s series, Star Trek Voyager: A Celebration, was one of our favorite books last year here at borg.  Celebrating 55 years of the Federation, Star Trek: A Celebration is available for pre-order now here at Amazon, from Hero Collector.  

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