First look–Netflix premieres first trailer for Vikings: Valhalla


Back in 2013 we asked after the first few episodes of Vikings, “Why this is only a nine-episode mini-series?”  The History Channel’s first historical fiction mini-series since the acclaimed Hatfields & McCoys fortunately didn’t stop at the first season, and the rest, as they say, is now history.  Vikings took stunning locations, a powerful score, and a fantastic story steeped in Nordic mythology and created an epic production on par with Braveheart, Rob Roy, 300, and Attila, the only time the Vikings have ever been given a worthy live-action TV or movie treatment (and it rated our pick for second best series of the decade here at borg) With season six finished last year and airing in its final markets this year, legions of fans eagerly await what will now be Netflix’s sequel series, Vikings: ValhallaAs part of Netflix’s new TUDUM fan event this weekend, we now have the first trailer.  Check it out below.

Everyone has their own view of what Vikings should look like.  We know from documentaries and books that these warriors in the late eighth century were plunderers and pillagers.  They lived in a style as you’d find people roaming your local Renaissance Faire, clothing of wools and furs and hide.  Weapons of steel, shields of oak and longboats whose appearance would strike fear in hearts of the enemy.  Will Vikings: Valhalla, with a new showrunner and new characters and story, be as completely believable as the first series and true enough to the ancient sagas of fierce warriors, gods of every stature, and clan intrigue?  That new showrunner is Jeb Stuart, a screenwriter who has adapted others works for the screen before, including the original Die Hard, Leviathan, Another 48 Hours, and Just Cause.  The series is filmed in the beautiful, cinematic County Wicklow, Ireland, where the first series was filmed–so look for some familiar locations revisited.


The first episode of Vikings: Valhalla airs… sometime next year on Netflix.  Viewers will meet the determined and ambitious Leif Eriksson, the actual character in Norse sagas played by Australian actor Sam Corlett, who you may know as Caliban in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.  In leading roles, Frida Gustavsson (The Witcher) plays Freydis Eriksdotter (sister of Leif and daughter of Erik the Red) and Leo Suter (Sanditon) plays Harald Hardrada.  Pollyanna McIntosh (Lodge 49, The Last Tycoon, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) is the Danish Queen Ælfgifu, historically the mother of England’s King Edmund Ironside, Laura Berlin (Breaking Even) is Emma of Normandy, Bradley Freegard (Hinterland) plays Canute, King of Denmark, Johannes Haukur Jóhannesson (Atomic Blonde) is Harald’s half-brother Olaf, David Oakes (the Pillars of the Earth) is the Earl Godwin, Caroline Henderson (Gooseboy) is Jarl Haakon, the leader of Kattegat at the time of this series, and Asbjorn Krogh Nissen (Copenhagen) is Jarl Kåre.  William the Conqueror is expected to be a key character in this story, although no actor has been revealed for that role yet.

Here’s the first trailer for Vikings: Valhalla:

Look for Vikings: Valhalla in 2022 on Netflix.

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