Clue collides with Dungeons & Dragons in update to 2001 boardgame mash-up

We’ve seen some good variants on classic board games introduced over the years by USAopoly, and this next merger will appeal to fans of Dungeons & Dragons’ recent years of comic book stories.  Clue: Dungeons & Dragons is a licensed update to the 2001 edition of the game with new characters, playing pieces, and gameboard.  It’s the game of Clue with a Dungeons & Dragons theme, a good way to pull in younger players who aren’t yet ready for roleplaying games, but want to join in with stories of fun fantasy adventurers like Minsc and Boo.

The 2001 Edition of the game featured adventurers Regdar the Fighter, Lidda the Rouge, Mailee the Wizard, Nebin the Gnome, Tordek the Dwarf, Ember the Monk–all as potential suspects in the search for which is actually a doppelganger who killed the Archmage.  The new edition of Clue: Dungeons & Dragons is based on the 5th Edition Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus storyline:  An Infernal Puzzle Box, delivered by a Hellrider of Elturel, has been stolen from the party of adventurers: Reya Mantlemorn, Minsc & Boo, Sylvira Savikas, Slobberchops, Falastar Fisk, and Lulu. Determined to reclaim their box of infernal secrets, one of Zariel’s minions has slain and secretly replaced an adventurer.  This time players choose from

The game includes collectable metal tokens representing weapons in the game (the Censor of Remembrance, Great Sword, Demon Longbow, Horn of Blasting, Master Scimitar, and Silverclaws), plastic and cardstock player tokens, personality cards, rumor cards, a custom score pad, the board, and instructions.

The board game design in the new edition is a marked improvement over the 2001 Edition.  Locations are Vanthampur Villa, Dungeon of the Dead, Basilisk Gate, the Undercellar, Little Calimshan, Wyrm’s Crossing, The Docks, Low Lantern Tavern, and The Wide, along wth secrets passages.

Unfortunately Hasbro/USAopoly swaps out the D&D classic styled metal character tokens for modern, less expensive versions.  At least players still get the attractive metal weapons.

Here is a behind-the-scenes look of the making of the updated edition gameboard:

Order now to beat the Christmas rush.  The new edition of Clue: Dungeons & Dragons is available here at Amazon.  Or if you prefer the pre-5th Edition, you can still pick up the 2001 Edition here at Amazon.

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