A special Christmas video for you from Vienna and us here in the Midwest

As I arrive at my 4,000th posting here at borg, I wanted to share with you my personal thanks and share a Christmas wish that combines the best of all worlds.  It’s a video created by a film production studio in Vienna, Austria, called Dockyard.  They contacted me early this month about a video with an animation component they were working on for their clients–a video Christmas card featuring a snow globe, Santa Claus, and something else.

So why did the studio contact me?  Check out the video first:

Back on Christmas 2015 here at borg, I posted some photos my mom took over the years, including one of me and my dad, who passed away last year, and one from my fourth Christmas when I was almost 4 years old, of me in my striped shirt and red pants, standing in front of my Christmas tree.  The folks at Dockyard saw the image from that post when they were looking for a photo of Santa Claus as a young boy.  They created a great snow globe of animated characters, and edited it into my hands (in place of my toy MEGO Robin) and voila!  An actor playing Santa visiting his attic, a script with a dose of humor, some festive music, and some nice film work, and the result is a Christmas video with me as young Santa, straight from a film production team in Vienna!  (PS. Any film viewing quality/viewing issues are this website’s and not the studio that created the video).

The little guy in the photo some years later.

I often comment here about how amazing a world we live in where I, based in the Midwest, get to read comments from readers from around the globe–for me this project really illustrates the Internet at its very best.

The photographer and little Santa grown up.

Thanks to the team at Dockyard (check out their website here) and my mom for her photography!  And thanks for reading!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg


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