TCM’s Ultimate Movie Trivia Challenge–Certain to stump even the best film buffs

From the best source of classic cinema comes a new trivia card game that will challenge the savviest fans of a century of movie history.  Turner Classic Movies’ Ultimate Movie Trivia Challenge is for anyone and everyone who has watched not only the Oscar-winning dramas and late-night noir marathons, but also paid attention to the hosts supplying behind-the-scenes trivia about the directors and stars.  It’s just right for pulling out at a cocktail party of your fellow movie fans, but fair warning: It’s the kind of game where you’ll be lucky to score a right answer in every few cards.

The game consists of 104 sturdy 3-inch by 5-inch cards with an instructions card, housed in an attractive magnetized case.  Play couldn’t be simpler:  Each card has four questions, and you can either take turns choosing a number from one to four, or take turns reading the cards aloud.

If the person wanting to ask the question wants to play, the best bet is to use another card to block that answer as you read down each card.  A few of the questions make it possible to glean the answer from the context, but most require actual knowledge of the film and filmmakers behind it.

Categories are The Great Films, Leading Ladies, Leading Men, Directors, Cult Classics, Supporting Players, Behind the Scenes, and Unforgettable Lines.  Your best approach may be to play by category or shuffle them all together and take your chances.

And if you’re not already a movie trivia whiz, you will be once you’ve made it through the deck.  Did you know the Academy voted canine hero Rin Tin Tin as the first Best Actor for the first Academy Awards?  They instead gave it to the guy who got second place (Emil Jannings).

To what classic horror film does Tom Ewell take Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch?  What director made Barbara Stanwyck and Jimmy Stewart stars?  What actor received both his Best Actor Oscar nominations posthumously?  Who named his famous horror movie creation after his lawyer?  For what sci-fi character’s walking sound did the crew record a wet T-shirt filled with Jell-O?  Who famously directed both his father and his daughter in Oscar-winning performances?  If you know the answers to any of these, then this card game is for you.

Created by writer Frank Miller and published by Running Press’s RP Studio, Turner Classic Movies’ Ultimate Movie Trivia Challenge is available now here at Amazon.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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