It’s a Dog’s Life–14th volume of classic Charles Schulz Peanuts paperbacks arrives this month

Review by C.J. Bunce

Anytime is a good time for more Charles Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of Charles Schulz’s gang of pals from Peanuts.  Running continuously for 50 years, Schulz has the record for the longest story ever told by a single person.  That’s 17,897 strips in 2,600 Sunday and daily newspapers in 75 countries.  And if you were a kid (or kid at heart) in the 1960s and 1970s, the only thing better than the day’s new comic strip was grabbing at a newsstand, grocery store check-out, or library one of the several paperback collections of the strips to gobble up at once.  Titan Comics has been reprinted facsimile editions of the entire library of these books and the latest, It’s a Dog’s Life, Charlie Brown, arrives this month.  You can pre-order it now here at Amazon, or choose from all the past re-issues here.

Take a look at some strips from this book, courtesy of Titan Comics:

This collection of strips sees the introduction of two new characters to Peanuts:  Charlie Brown’s sister Sally, and the new girl in the neighborhood named Frieda.

Linus wants to know what’s the catch with libraries giving out free books.  Lucy steals Linus’s blanket and tells he she buried it–is there someone in the gang who has a knack for finding things?  Lucy tries to teach her brother about natural science in a way only she can do.  Then Snoopy decides to launch a public protest–but after dinner.  Lucy continues to pester Schroeder about Beethoven.  Snoopy tries corn on the cob and the kids play lots of baseball.  The first portable television!  Charlie Brown teaches Linus how to drop clothes pins in a bottle for fun.  And lots more.  Good times!  You’ll find nothing but goodness in this 14th volume of collected strips from 1960-1962–and in the rest of the series.

Again, you can pre-order It’s a Dog’s Life, Charlie Brown now here at Amazon, or choose from all the past re-issues here.

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