Creatures and Terrain–Dungeons & Dragons offers Campaign Cases for 5th Edition

What’s a Campaign Case?  It’s a storage container that can be used to store books, tokens, and/or terrain pieces, and it’s something new that is beginning today from Wizards of the Coast for Dungeons & Dragons RPG campaigns.  The first Campaign Case kit, available today (order here at Amazon or check your local game shop) focuses on Creatures.

And coming next month (and available for pre-order here), is a second Campaign Case will feature Terrain components.  Check out more on each kit below.

These kits together equip the Dungeon Master with a large set of customizable creature tokens and terrain surfaces that will complement any D&D adventure or campaign.  The creature discs and and terrain both include reusable creature clings to allow for variations in game play.

First up, here are the details on the Creatures Campaign Case:

  • 64 weighted plastic discs in 3 sizes and 4 colors for maximum flexibility in encounter creation—40 medium sized creature tokens, 20 large sized creature tokens, 4 huge sized creature tokens
  • 5 sheets of fully illustrated reusable creature clings—simply apply a cling to a disc to create customized Creature Tokens ready for any encounter

  • 2 removable custom token storage trays
  • 1 storage folder for creature clings
  • 1 durable storage case with a magnetic closure and a rope handle designed to take your adventure on the road
  • 1 outer box with all-new art that protects the keepsake box

Second, here are the details on the Terrain Campaign Case:

  • 30 double-sided interlocking 5″×5″ terrain tiles ready for your dungeon, city, and wilderness adventures
  • 5 sheets of reusable Adventure Clings with an assortment of wilderness, dungeon and interior features to customize your terrain surfaces, including campsites, rubble, and tombs
  • 1 double-sided Adventure Grid with Wilderness terrain on one side and Dungeon on the other, measuring 22″×25.5″ when laid flat—ready to use in combination with the terrain tiles or on its own

  • 1 storage folder for your reusable Adventure Clings
  • 1 sturdy storage case with a magnetic closure and rope handle designed to take your adventure on the road

Here are more images of both kits:

For the first time the Creature Campaign Case kit is available today.  Order it now here at Amazon or check your local game shop.  You can also pre-order the Terrain Campaign Case kit here at Amazon now.  Note:  These do not include any books or supplements, but bundled options with the Dungeon Master’s Guide are available at the above links.  It’s scheduled for release August 16, 2022.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / BORG

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