Marvel delivers new pop-up books for the Avengers and Into the Spider-Verse

If you have a young person in your life whose passion is Marvel Comics or the Marvel movies, Abrams Books for Young Readers has two new options this month for you to put under the Christmas tree.  This first is the latest of the “Unfolds” books from major franchises (we reviewed Star Wars Unfolds here at borg): Marvel Spider-Man: The Spider-Verse Unfolds (available now here at Amazon) and the second is Marvel Superheroes: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book (available now here).

Who doesn’t love a good pop-up book?  Take a look closer at each in our preview below.

Watch the Spider-Verse unfold with the turn of a page in Marvel Spider-Man: The Spider-Verse Unfolds.  Featuring Miles Morales and all the key characters from Marvel and Sony Pictures Animation’s blockbuster film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, this storybook brings the movie to life as you turn the pages, one seemingly never-ending illustration, printed on an accordion fold, moves forward with you.  Each section transitions into the next to tell the story of Miles in the film.  Meet again Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, and the new multiverse characters.

This book is for younger kids, and would make good bedtime reading, from Mingjue Helen Chen.

Paper engineer Matthew Reinhart’s Marvel Superheroes: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book is bigger and has more written descriptions, so it’s for a slightly older reader.  This book is a full-fledged pop-up book showcasing a big slate of the Marvel superheroes. Watch Spider-Man swing over rooftops, pull tabs to transform Tony Stark into Iron Man and Bruce Banner into the Incredible Hulk, watch the X-Men take down a giant Sentinel, and be confronted with a giant pop-up of Galactus.

Featuring contemporary comics art and impressive three-dimensional paper engineering on every page, this will impress kids and adults alike.  it features six full pop-up spreads, 25 pop-ups, and 20 interactive elements, including windows to learn the alter egos of your favorite superheroes.

You can’t go wrong with either of these fun new books.  Marvel Spider-Man: The Spider-Verse Unfolds is available now here at Amazon, and Marvel Superheroes: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book is available now here at Amazon).  Order early to beat the Christmas rush.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg 

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