Suzume–Hit anime film from Makoto Shinkai arrives in the U.S. today

It has a bit of a fairy tale aura, but it also has themes similar to The Chronicles of Narnia swapping disembodied doors for the wardrobe passage.  It’s also dramatic and dark–that brightly colored animation from Japan frequently takes advantage of contrasts.  It follows a girl on an adventure and there’s a mysterious cat involved, and it’s from writer-director Makoto Shinkai, whose Weathering with You we reviewed this past November here at borg.  It’s Shinkai’s new film Suzume, and the animation looks every bit up to the standard Shinkai brought to his last film, and it makes you want to get in the car and rush out to go see it.

Now you can, but you must act fast.  As with many international anime productions, Suzume is here only for a limited release, beginning today and running through Sunday only.  As a bonus it’s running on some IMAX screens.  Order tickets now here, and check out these beautiful and haunting trailers:

Shinkai’s vistas create an incredible visual travelogue of Japan.  The film comes from CoMix Wave Films.

Look for Suzume in theaters today through Sunday in the U.S., and check ticket availability now here.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg


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