Gorgeous Maleficent series returns to the original version of Disney’s best villain

Writer-artist Soo Lee is bringing back Sleeping Beauty’s singular, villainous beauty Maleficent in a new series for Dynamite comics coming next month.  Disney Villains Maleficent will be a new monthly series, a prequel to Sleeping Beauty, the Oscar-nominated, animated fairy tale retelling generations have marveled at for nearly 65 years.  Most of those audiences were haunted by Eleanor Audley’s magnificent stark voice (she also voiced Cinderella’s vile step-mother and was a TV guest actress for decades) and artist Marc Davis’s renderings of her, frequently cited as the “creator of Disney’s greatest villain.”

Lee is writing, drawing, and coloring her own tale, joined by letterer Jeff Eckleberry.  She also draws one of the covers for the book, along with other cover artists including Jae Lee, Jennifer L. Meyer, Rebeca Puebla, and Erica D’Urso.

Take a look at these variant covers for the new Dynamite series, Disney Villains Maleficent:

Add Disney Villains Maleficent to your pull list at Elite Comics or your local comic shop right now.  Look for it next month.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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