The Meg 2–Jason Statham returns with the next summer shark blockbuster

Jason Statham is back this summer in the sequel to The Meg, the fun summer blockbuster and most fun rollercoaster ride of 2018.  The first trailer for Meg 2: The Trench finds Statham again confronting a megalodon, a prehistoric sea monster that shows no sympathy for annoying beachgoers.  Unlike dozens of forgettable attempts to both impress and scare moviegoers for more than forty years since Steven Spielberg’s original Jaws (remember Piranha, Crocodile, Barracuda, and Alligator?), The Meg got it right–steps beyond B-movie fare like Anaconda and Lake Placid.  Check out our review of The Meg here.

Based on characters from Steve Alten’s 1997 science-fiction/horror book Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror, this fish tale setting is somewhat Michael Crichton-lite, yet the first film was surprisingly better than all the Jurassic sequels, as well as Crichton’s lesser action film adaptations like Congo and Sphere.  This new movie takes them on directly in this first trailer.  Will Meg 2: The Trench be another hit?

We can hardly wait.  Look out, Jabberjaw, check out the trailer for Meg 2: The Trench:

Even a giant squid!  Awesome Godzilla and King Kong kaiju creatures, mixing Pacific Rim tech and The Abyss, Leviathan, and Sphere imagery, it looks like the ultimate Statham action movie, and the ultimate sea monster fix.

Fast & Furious, Die Hard, The Shining, Avatar, and The Walking Dead series actor Cliff Curtis is back as Mac, Rush Hour’s Page Kennedy is back as DJ, and Sophia Cai returns as Meiying.  Action star Jing Wu co-stars with Resident Evil film series co-star Sienna Guillory, Assassin Creed’s Melissanthi Mahut, Counterpart’s Whoopie Van Raam, and Skyler Samuels.

Look for Meg 2: The Trench in theaters August 4, 2023.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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