American Muscle–Post-apocalypse comic series returns in a collected edition

Way back in 2012 here at borg we reviewed a new comic book/magazine hybrid from Image Comics called Creator-Owned Heroes.  Maybe it was due to a title that had no meaning to a general audience, or maybe because readers buying comics wanted actual comics instead of interviews, but the series was cancelled after only eight issues.  The effort was an attempt to reignite the fun of Wizard Magazine.  The series published two memorable series in anthology format, with 11 pages of story per issue: a Black Widow-type heroine series called Trigger Girl 6 and a new take on Road Warrior called American Muscle, featuring cool muscle cars in a dismal, futuristic world of survival.

More than a decade later, writer Steve Niles and artist Kevin Mellon are publishing a bound version of American Muscle called American Muscle Vol. 1.  It will include the original 44 pages of story plus a new page and 11 other pages of behind the scenes content.

Letter work for the series was handled by Bill Tortolini.  For those that missed this series the first time around, take a look inside:

This is a page of the new content from the forthcoming bound edition:

Kevin Mellon is taking pre-orders for American Muscle, Vol. 1 now here at his website for $20 plus shipping.  The book will be signed by Mellon, and is scheduled to ship after July 1, 2023, according to his website.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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