Preview–New Maleficent series a worthy addition to nearly a century of Disney comics

Review by C.J. Bunce

Every generation back to the 1930s–nearly a century–has experienced fun and exciting comic books featuring characters created by Walt Disney and the company he created.  Back in April we previewed the variant covers coming for Dynamite Comics’ latest Disney series, Disney Villains: Maleficent Writer-artist Soo Lee’s cover art telegraphed both an understanding of the classic nature of Disney’s greatest villain, as well as conjuring the singular, villainous beauty of Sleeping Beauty’s memorable antagonist.  In the first issue, Soo Lee delivered as promised.  The prequel to Sleeping Beauty, the Oscar-nominated, animated fairy tale retelling generations have marveled at for nearly 65 of those 100 years, combined both voice actor Eleanor Audley’s magnificent stark voice and artist Marc Davis’s animation artwork.  Soo Lee’s artwork has it all, but her story has all the elements of good, spooky storybooks, too.

The first issue showed readers the dark stakes.  The second issues reveals Maleficent is not another one-note villain.  Take a look inside the series below and check out a preview of coming cover art from Disney Villains: Maleficent.

Lee is writing, drawing, and coloring her own tale, joined by letterer Jeff Eckleberry.  She also draws one of the covers for the book, along with other cover artists.  In Issue #1, Maleficent comes across a lost boy in the woods.  In Issue #2, her loyal crow reports back on a new trespasser.

Here is a look inside the series:

And here are coming cover variants:

Don’t miss a great Disney series.  Add Disney Villains: Maleficent to your pull list at Elite Comics or your local comic shop now.  Issues are slated to ship the second week of the month.


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