Corner Office–Heir to Office Space arrives in theaters this week

As the celebrated comedy Office Space approaches its 25th anniversary next year, the next office comedy arrives in theaters.  Corner Office is a darker comedy that looks like a prequel to Office Space starring Jon Hamm as Milton, the guy played by Stephen Root who was pushed to the brink on the job.  In an era where working in an actual office is becoming more of a thing of the past, the movie probably needs its own trigger warning.   Jon Hamm doesn’t play Milton, but Orson, an aging member of the workforce starting the latest in a line of mind-numbing jobs.  He doesn’t want to be there.  Nobody wants to be there.  If you’ve ever discovered that secret room at work where nobody can find you, this may be the movie for you.

Co-starring Community star Danny Pudi, here’s the trailer for the strange and quirky new movie Corner Office:

The preview doesn’t paint a picture of a movie that looks all that funny, more like the bastard step-child of Joe Versus the Volcano and Falling Down.  But if you like Jon Hamm movies, maybe this is for you.  That corner office looks a lot like Mr. Tate’s office in Bewitched.  It’s not really an office unless it has a credenza.  That’s all any of us ever wanted, right?

Corner Office arrives in limited release in theaters in the U.S. this week, along with On Demand at home options like Vudu and Prime Video here.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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