Art of the craft: Spotlight on four September DC artists

Two weeks ago I posted a list of all 52 new DC Comics titles that will be re-starting with issue #1 beginning this September.  The following highlights four artists that we expect to see featured this Fall, three definite and one rumored to be doing at least some cover work. 

First off is Scottish artist Mark Simpson who works under the pen name Jock, who has been doing an impressive run on Detective Comics this year.  Although the actual issue #1 was previewed with a cover by Jim Lee, the below startling image was released by Jock as a coming issue cover.  Whether it will come before or after the re-launch has not yet been revealed.


Pretty gruesome image, huh?  What Jock excels at is his black watercolor splashes that form striking images of frenetic energy.  His work is intense and you get to see that in this image that is devoid of much coloring–allowing his original image to shine through.  Following my general passion for Green Arrow, below is an earlier original painted page by Jock from his series Green Arrow: Year One, reflecting Green Arrow marooned on this title page to the fourth issue in the series.

Jock’s style is his own–up close his brush strokes seem quick and haphazard, yet altogether you see a grand statement of desperation.  Before his days of fancy trick arrows, here we see Oliver Queen stuck with a thrown together couple of quivers and hand-made arrows.   Check out Jock’s website for more great examples of his work.

Next up is the artist whose work is so technically pristine that you find yourself searching his original pencils and inks for any hint of a stray mark or sketch line.  Cliff Chiang was selected as the artist for the new Wonder Woman series.  Here is his cover for the first issue. 

Cliff has done plenty of illustrations across the DC universe, from Batman to Zatanna.  With his exceptional work on the women heroes of the DCU we have a lot to look forward to with Wonder Woman later this year.  Below shows Cliff’s work prior to it being colored. 

This is the cover to Green Arrow/Black Canary Issue #1, featuring Canary and the new Green Arrow who had briefly replaced Oliver and went on to become Red Arrow.  Just check out Cliff’s stunning pencils and inks.  Check out Cliff’s website for more great examples of his work.

Next up is digital comic artist Freddie Williams II, who wrote the book on digital drawing.  Actually he literally wrote the book on digital drawing, for DC Comics.  Check it out here the DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics.  Freddie has defined the drawing style and method of the future, with his first big break is the main illustrator for the Robin series.  In September Freddie will be responsible for the art in the new Captain Atom series.  Although DC has not yet released any advance look at Freddie’s pages for the series, here is a sketch of Green Arrow and Black Canary he did for me a few years ago. 

What jumps out with Freddie’s work is movement and action-whether it is Robin swinging across the page or Green Arrow here ready to put an arrow through the reader.  And as you can see with the look on Dinah’s face, skowling at Ollie’s over-exuberance with one hand in pocket and the other held tight, he knows how to draw a humorous page, too.  Check out Freddie’s website for some of his work.

My final artist for today is Scott McDaniel, who will be drawing an entirely new title and character, “Static Shock” in Static Shock #1.  Here is his original cover art for issue #1 before going to the coloring phase.


Scott had a nice run on the second Green Arrow series, and here is the original art to his cover for issue #64.

Like the other artists above, Scott’s style stands out as his own.  His heroes are drawn large and in-charge and practically bust their way off the page.  Check out Scott’s website for more great images.

If these artists are indication, we’ll have some great visuals to look forward to this Fall.

C.J. Bunce


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