DC Comics reveals hardcover 52 compilation, San Diego Comic-con preview

DC Comics revealed Monday that it will publish a compilation of the first 52 new DC Comics #1 issues from its September re-launch in December.  If you’re like me and you skip regular issues and wait for the trade paperback version, this may be for you.  The book will sell at $150, but for that you get all 1,216 pages. 

Starting July 20, at Comic-Con and retailers nationwide, DC Comics will be debuting a guide to the new re-launch titled DC Comics – The New 52.  It will be available for free and will include a six-page guide and reprints of all 52 relaunch #1 covers.

DC Comics also revealed several Comic-Con giveaways and exclusives that had not yet previously been disclosed:

  • DC will have a green screen where guests can get a photo with the new DCU Justice League.
  • DC will give away its own oversized swag bags featuring the Justice League.
  • DC will give away various “Wayne Manor” casino chips.  DC did not mention whether these have any value or will be exchangeable for anything or whether it is just a Comic-Con collectible treasure hunt item.  The chips will be available in six colors and denominations up to $100.
  • Also available: DC 52 postcard checklists, posters and pins.
  • Limited edition portfolios featuring DC 52 covers for $39.95.  Only 520 copies of each volume will be available per day.
  • Limited character action figure “Zoom” from the Flashpoint series.
  • The full panel schedule including DC Comics speakers can be found here.

DC Comics also has revealed several Issue #2 covers for the 52 re-launch, including this one for Green Arrow

I have to ask: Since when did Wolverine become Green Arrow?  What’s with the weird stubble/sideburns?  I’m also not a fan of the suit.  He looks more like Connor Hawke from the last issues of the original run of Green Arrow, not our Ollie Queen.


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