Anovos displays replica movie costumes at Comic-Con

Anovos Productions displayed some high quality licensed Star Trek franchise and Battlestar Galactica costumes at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.  These costumes aren’t just great replicas, Anovos says they made these based on information from the studios using the best available replica materials.  In person you would be hard pressed to spot the difference between a production made season 3 blue original Star Trek series tunic and the one on display at Comic-Con.  Here is the Spock style and the Kirk style on display:


And better yet, they make the costumes to order, so it is ideal for cosplayers.  The prices are a lot more than you’d pay for an off the rack Halloween costume ($280, for example, for a season 3 sciences tunic), and definitely more than the old Rubies replicas Star Trek fans used to rely on.  But the quality of these replicas will make you look that much more like you’re straight out of the TV series.

Anovos TOS poster anovos-st-2009-poster.jpg

I had seen Anovos costumes on the Internet at their website before.  The website does not do justice to these costumes, so it was nice to see how they look in person.  I think their best re-creation is the female cadet from the 2009 Star Trek movie.  That is shown below along with the Uhura style, which you could compare to a real Uhura costume his year by walking across the floor to the Prop Store booth.  (It may be the choice of mannequin display, but I am not sure the sunburst style dress is exactly right–the seams seem a bit thick).


If you missed previous Battlestar Galactica auctions, or auction prices were outside of your price point, the replica BSG costumes also look great.  Here is one of the Adama style duty blues:

And their poster advertising the new line:


Check out Anovos’s website for ordering information and to see other costumes they plan to introduce to their new line.

C.J. Bunce

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