Grimm trailer, anyone?

Did you think we meant a trailer for Grimm?  Nah, this is Aunt Marie’s trailer from the NBC TV series Grimm, which was featured for tours across from Comic-Con in San Diego last month and the great fish restaurant Tin Fish was all decked out with Grimmorabilia.  (BTW, it’s not actually all that grim).

Wondering what to watch after the Olympics?  Wonder no more–NBC and have the cure for your post-Olympic blahs: The season 2 premiere of Grimm is coming up August 13!  Since this is one of our favorite new shows, we were excited to hear the genre-twisting fairy tale series had been renewed–but we had no idea it would be back so soon!  After several years of later and later fall season starts, it’s great to see NBC capitalizing on their mega viewership from the Olympics (and a new night and time) to try to catch new Grimm fans.

If you can’t wait, here’s a teaser clip from what’s coming up in the season premiere:

Lots more extras available on the NBC Grimm site here (like Season 1 on Blu-Ray), and for viewers who like to literally wear their fanship on their sleeves, the NBC store even offers an awesome little red riding hoodie.

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