At last! A new Die Hard 5 trailer John McClane fans will love

Three weeks ago posted the first preview for the fifth entry in the Bruce Willis as John McClane action movie franchise: A Good Day to Die Hard.  Frankly it wasn’t all that exciting.  Sure–it included a nice montage of action sequences, but what do Die Hard fans really want?  We think they want Bruce Willis being that guy from Moonlighting.  Bruce Willis being that barefoot cop in the Nakatomi building running across glass, trying to save his wife from Alan Rickman.  Bruce Willis as modern urban cowboy with his Yippi Ki Yay bit.  Basically, Bruce Willis being Bruce Willis.  Someone must have heard our wishes as the new trailer for A Good Day to Die Hard makes pretty clear that Die Hard 5 is set to be better than Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard, a pretty forgettable entry in the John McClane arsenal of big budget blockbusters.

Check out the new trailer:

Unlike the first preview, this trailer promises us several things:

  • Big action that is tied to an actual plot
  • Full of good ol’ Bruce Willis humor
  • McClane dumped in the middle of a crisis, but this time a little out of his element in Russia
  • McClane has some actual rapport with the actor playing his adult son (Jai Courtney)
  • Can you say sexy Russian motorcycle chase?

And the best part is simply showing us much more Bruce Willis instead of out-of-context action scenes.  Kudos to the marketing folks for getting this one right.  (But still no confirmation of the rumor that Patrick Stewart will portray a villain in the film).

We can hardly wait for Valentine’s Day 2013 for the release.

C.J. Bunce

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